Kissmet is a UK based band that has taken Bhangra music (traditional Punjabi folk dance music from the fields of northern India) and fused it with Western Rock music, with influences from Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Cream. The result is a pulsating, exciting rollercoaster ride of positive energy from the West to the East and back again.

With songs in English, Punjabi, Hindi and Sanskrit, Kissmet creates a fantastic, interactive experience where the band engages with and involves the audience, uniting them and taking them on a wonderful mystical musical journey. They create a safe platform for all to stand upon, regardless of their creed, colour, culture, background, gender, age or religion.

The band has now performed all over the UK, in Mexico, Malaysia, Italy, Portugal, the Ukraine, the Czech Republic, the Azores, Ireland, Poland, Finland and Norway, to enthusiastic audiences who love the unique interaction and exposure to the new ways of the world. Everywhere they go, they spread the word that it matters not what language you sing in or the style of music you use. What’s most importance is the incredible vibe and energy that can be generated by making people of all faiths, backgrounds, colours and cultures work together to create something powerfully positive, infectious and memorable. Fusing Bhangra and Rock together, they’re making something new that has never been heard before and makes you want to hear again and again. Kissmet gets an incredible reaction every time and the vibe, response and atmosphere created are nothing like that which you would get from any standard artist. Kissmet’s unique blend of the East and West is a perfect combination and the performances in the videos are just examples of the effect the band creates at every single show.

They have performed at over 200 International festivals including The Rainforest World Music Festival in Malaysia (voted one of the Top 25 Festivals on the Planet), Glastonbury (the UK’s largest festival), The Edinburgh Hogmanay (Europe’s largest New Year’s Eve celebrations), The Ollinkan World Music Festival in Mexico, Ireland’s Festival of World Cultures, The World Village Festival in Finland, The Orange World Music Festival in Poland, The Electric Picnic (Ireland), Summer Sundae (UK), Cardiff Castle (Wales), Edinburgh Castle, Kelso Castle (Scotland) and many others. They have shared main stages with Kaiser Chiefs, Duffy, Nitin Sawhney, Manu Chao, Adnan Sami, Transglobal Underground, Asian Dub Foundation, The Dhol Foundation, Baka Beyond, Oojami, Ska Cubano and many others.

Think of it this way: English, Punjabi, Hindi, Sanskrit, drums, tabla, harmonium, keyboards, guitar, thumbi, bass, dhol, ragas, rock, bhangra, funk, turbans, etchkins, all thrown into the global melting pot called KISSMET…

There really is, nothing else like it!