Our online tickets explained

Our online ticket site provides two kinds of tickets; Early Bird e-tickets for a limited time and advance Weekend e-tickets after that.

Early Bird e-tickets are available in limited quantity and for a short period – usually, till Christmas time or earlier if the allocated tickets sell out.

Phase 1 e-tickets were special one off tickets issued 2020/2021till 31st of January – included prize draw.

Early Bird e-tickets include free camping and parking for all vehicles including caravans and live-in vehicles for the duration of the Festival.

Advance Weekend e-tickets go on sale after the Early Bird ticket sales finish and are available until a couple of days before the Festival starts.

Advance Weekend e-tickets include free camping. You need to buy a suitable parking ticket for your vehicle. The Caravan parking (caravans, camper vans, live-in vehicles) ticket includes the towing vehicle. Motorcyles do not require parking ticket.

Ticket delivery

All our online tickets are issued automatically via email after our site receives payment confirmation from PayPal. You should have your tickets delivered via email within an hour of your order.

Where is my ticket?

Our tickets are PDF attachments in an email therefore prone to ending up in your junk or spam folder. Please check your spam folder before contacting us for undelivered tickets.

Sometimes people set their email software to delete the contents of their spam folder on quitting the application. If that happens, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will resend your tickets. And please do keep an eye on your spam folder this time.

On rare occasions, our tickets bounce back to us as the email servers reject them as spam without attempting to deliver the email to you. When this happens, we are aware of the situation and get in touch with you from another email address (to prevent being rejected again) to remedy the situation.

If you choose to register to our ticket site to buy tickets, you will be able to download your tickets at any time circumventing any delivery issues. Please note that with iPads or iPhones, downloading files from websites is not very straightforward and requires some knowledge.

Problems with using this site

Our ticket site (like many other e-commerce sites) requires your browser to accept cookies and java scripts to function. Sometimes security software with aggressive settings can prevent our website from operating normally. That can also happen if you try to order your tickets via work computers that might have a firewall setup. The best option is to use a home desktop computer with a modern browser.

PayPal issues

Our setup with PayPal allows you to pay with debit or credit card without creating a PayPal account. However, under certain circumstances, PayPal might not offer you this option or don't allow you to pay without creating an account with them. This is nothing we control therefore any issues should be taken up with PayPal.